Best Car Engines

With another year having come and gone, it means that there is a whole new year of new powertrains and engines to look forward to. As auto technology progresses, so do propulsion systems, as they become more powerful and efficient with every new calendar cycle. Last year brought a slew of new tech and engineering quirks from the world’s automakers, and with 2016 right around the corner, automakers continued to make their engines more refined and user-friendly.

While most people may not give much thought to engines and motors beyond what options they have in a particular vehicle, there are those out there who put a considerable amount of time and energy into testing and investigating all of the options on the market. One of those organizations, WardsAuto, evaluated 31 engines and powertrains to come up with a list of 10 winners for its list of 2016’s best. These are all new or improved powertrains, and the winner’s list encompasses a wide variety of different configurations and systems — plug-in hybrids made an especially strong showing this year.

“This is a list that’s loaded with innovation, from hybrids to muscle cars,” said Drew Winter, the director of content at WardsAuto. “We have three groundbreaking electrified drivetrains for the first time ever, each representing a different technology: the gas-electric Prius hybrid, the plug-in hybrid Sonata and the extended-range electric Volt.”